Although she was one of the first Certified Ouidad and Devacurl stylists in the world, with advanced training at both their flagship salons in NYC, Jennifer has transcended being loyal to specific brands.  She understands the unique needs curls have in Florida's humid climate, as well as recognizing the vast differences between different curl types and what each require to reach their full potential - and has created several of her own signature techniques for cutting and coloring curls that she not only implements on her clients, but teaches to other stylists.











"I do not define my style of cutting as 'Ouidad' or 'Devacurl'.  I cut mostly dry, but have several clients that do prefer a wet cutting technique. There is not ONE definitive "right" way to cut curly, or any type of hair, and anyone who says otherwise simply doesn't know the correct methods and when to apply them. Over the years the focus of brands that are synonmous with curls have shifted to best serve their haircare product lines, and some of their core values no longer align with mine." 



"Working with curly clients is very rewarding. When I first started I was amazed to hear people say things to me like 'I've never left the salon with my hair styled and actually liked it', 'This is the first time I've ever felt like a stylist really listened to me.' and, the thing I heard the most, that was the most shocking, 'I've never once left the salon feeling pretty.' I've had clients - educated, self aware, emotionally stable women, tear up in my chair before we even start the service. These are not picky or problematic clients in any way. These are people that just want to go to a salon, feel comfortable, and get a simple haircut and style. That's not an unreasonable request or expectation. My studio is a place where curls are embraced, understood, and welcomed. I've built my career around solving the problems naturally curly clients encounter on a daily basis."







Jennifer founded her blog Curl University - Where Curls Are Always in Session in 2010 and has been published on Once guests have had their initial visit to the salon, they are given access to her online membership group, The Curl Girl VIP, which has become a flourishing community for guests to interact with one another as well as see extended length styling videos, tips & tricks, and receive ongoing support to manage their specific curls. They have access to other VIP perks like product specials and last minute appointment openings, as well as detailed lists and reviews curl related tools and accessories, and much more! 

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