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Hi, I'm Jen and create resources to empower YOU.

You absolutely can make more, work less, and have a business that allows you to LIVE not just survive. 

I started behind the chair in my late twenties, as a single mom with two young girls. I built a six figure business that I loved, & provided well - during a recession. I did it while so many people told me it couldn't be done.


I was told if I left the commission salon where I started that I'd never be able to make any money & without a team and the name of that salon behind me I'd never make it.






I"m here to help you build your dream business. To make great money, have more free time and transform your business into a abundant and profitable space while totally honoring your wellbeing and your bank account. 












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I'm a marketing major turned salon suite pioneer and niche stylist - I specialized in naturally curly hair with my business, The Curl Girl.  I took my business from zero to six figures in 2 years and did it all on my own. I would have preffered some guidance, though, tbh.


I learned a lot of hard lessons - especially that while reaching your first 6 figures is always an accomplishment to be celebrated there is a big difference between 6 figures in revenue and 6 figures in profit. I didn't have thousands of dollars to spend on a coach - even if one that could actually help me had existed back then, which they didn't.


  I didn't understand why there wasn't affordable, accessible education for independent stylists - and independent service providers for that matter, in our industry.  All the salon business education I could find catered to commission salons and that wasn't what I was or even what I wanted to be.  


The support and tools I offer now didn't exist for me, which is why I'm so passionate about creating them for YOU

You deserve freedom. You are worthy of living your best life and creating a business that you love. My mission is to help you make it happen. To give you the tools and roadmap you need to get wherever you want to go.  


I want you to have a business that honors your well-being as well as your bank account. Most importantly I want you to feel supported. You are not alone, even though you're independent. 

I'll save you time, energy, frustration, help you grow your business and attract great clients without stress and overwhelm so you can focus on what you love doing most.

Oh, and also....There are so many options in our industry. You can work behind the chair and also BEYOND the chair, educating others (in person) or with digital products (like I do) - and I can show you how to do that, too! We need more of it.  Digital education is where it's going and if you're even considering it, now is the time to start!



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