Appointment Policies

Thank you for taking just a few minutes to read my policies before booking.

The link to book is at the bottom of this page. 


By booking an appointment you are agreeing to the terms below.


All of the points below are mentioned to avoid any possible confusion and allow me to give you the best service possible, as well as to confirm we are a still a match to work together. I value my time and energy and I only want to work with people who do as well. Fair enough, right?

If you book an appointment and have not in been my chair in over a year, or not been to me at all, without an go ahead email from me, your appointment will be automatically cancelled. 

Before you book

If you are an existing client but it's been more than a year since you've been in my chair, please email me a few pictures of your curls as well as the name you booked your last appointment under so I can verify the date as well as make sure the service I offer will work fo you. Your curls need to be at least as long as your earlobes/chin length.

****If you book an appointment and have not in been my chair in over a year, or not been to me at all, without an go ahead email from me, your appointment will be automatically cancelled.****


I am currently not accepting any new clients at this time. I will not answer emails asking for excpetions to this

policy.  While I appreciate the interest and requests, it's not possible right now. If you'd like to stay in touch and

be in the loop about other projects I have in the works, including a styling tutorials, classes, and guest appearances, please subscribe to the email list at the bottom of the page and you'll also be alerted through that list if I make space available in my scheudle for new clients!

If you have any question about the the service at all, please EMAIL ME BEFORE YOU BOOK. This will gaurantee you book the right amount of time or that I am offering the service you are requesting.

When you Book

I require payment at the time of booking.   I charge the full price of the  service for cancellations OR reschedules that occur within the 3 day time  frame, as well as late arrivals that will not allow the full time for the service - THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE. Please plan on giving yourself some  extra time to allow for traffic etc. so you are in the salon at the start time of your appointment. 

How to wear your hair for your appointment

Wear your hair styled curly, preferably day 1 curls, no buns, ponytails, etc. I cut dry - and to get the best result your curls should be in their most  shrunken and defined state. (your hair does not need to  (nor should it be) free of product, just styled how you usually wear it. 



If you are a returning client, and I previously have cut your hair wet and you prefer a wet cut,  please contact me BEFORE YOU BOOK, so I can let  you know if I can accomodate you. As long as you are a recent client, and you can arrive with wet/damp hair, it shouldn't be an issue, but please reach out BEFORE YOU BOOK to confirm. 

Wet Cut Clients 

Please arrive on time

If you are late it WILL throw off my whole schedule, which is not fair to

other guests or to myself. If you arrive past the start time of your service you will need to reschedule and you will still be charged for the full price of the service. This is NON NEGOTIABLE. 

The address is on the bottom of the website and on your confirmation is the correct address. If you are unfamilar with the area, please allow for extra time to find me. I can no longer make exceptions for anyone who is late. 

Save inspiration pics to your camera roll

If you are looking to do more than shape up your current cut, and want any  kind of change, it's a good idea to go on Pinterest or the site of your choosing and find pictures for inspiration to help show me what you have in mind. Please take screenshots of the pictures and have them readily available before you arrive.

Friends who come with you to your appointment that are not receiving  services are asked to wait in the hallway/lobby.  My studio is small and intended to accomodate only those receiving services.

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