Turn Your Everyday Conditioner Into A Deep Treatment

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

try adding some extra luxurious oils and ingredients to your everyday conditioner ......

Natural Scalp Treatment Recipes

Not all oil is bad, and it's not bad to put oil on your hair or scalp- if you're using the right one for the right reasons. I've seena lot of anti oil talk lately, mostly saying that oil doesn't hydrate you, and if it did we would drink oil if we were thirsty, not water, to make the point.

I get that, because, as a stylists I can't even tell you how many times I had to tell people to STAHP with the shea butter and overdoing of the cocoonut oil because it was causing buildup and essentially blocking their hair and scalp from getting actual moisture.

However, if water was a sufficent hydrator for EVERYTHING, we wouldn't need facial serums or body lotion, right?


carrot seed oil

decreases sun damage and adds elasticity

red raspberry seed oil

uv protection for color treated hair

pomegranate seed oil

omega fatty acids help keep scalp free of buildup,

adds elasticity.Blueberry Seed Oil is rich in vitamin A, B complex, C, E, and Omega 3, and is one of the highest levels of anti-oxidants which boost skin’s elasticity. It helps heal itchy or irritated dry skin such as psoriasis and eczema.

jojoba oil

most like our own natural sebum this is great for a scalp oil. Also used for psoriasis, rosacea, eczema

sea buckthorn seed oil

NATURALLY THICKENS AND ADD SHINE TO HAIR - Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is packed with powerful essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, C and so much more. These rich nutrients add a natural protectant to hair, helping to strengthen, grow, thicken, and add a beautiful silky finish to your hair.

watermelon seed oil

hydrating, moisturizing, scalp detoxifying

crushed walnut shell powder

wonderful to make a scalp scrub recipe with

scalp detox scrub

4 tbsp walnut shell powder

2 tbsp conditioner

1 tsp. vitamin c crystals

1 tsp. watermelon seed oil

1/2 tsp. pomegranate seed oil

3 drops tea tree essential oil

3 drops camphor essential oil

post sun cooling scalp treatment

1/4 cup aloe vera gel

3 drops peppermint essential oil

1 tsp carrot seed oil

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

whip together in mixer. magic bullet or with immersion blender. add an ice cube to magic bullet for extra cooling - or even better, use frozen aloe cubes!

minty fresh yummy smelling scalp scrub

4 tbsp walnut shell powder

2 tbsp conditioner

1 tbsp aloe vera gel

4 drops peppermint essential oil

4 drops vanilla oil

if you find the consistency of any of these recipes to be TOO thick, feel free to add some extra water to any of them.

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