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3 things you REALLY need to know as a salon suite owner

Letting go of fear and stepping into your power as a business owner is an incredible feeling.

Most suite owners are great, but always make sure they clearly understand the landlord Tennant relationship and don’t hesitate to ask them how they view it, do they have the right to enter your locked suite whenever they want if you’re not there, etc.

Beware of the longer lease. For some people it’s great and I know that there are certain suites that will do custom build outs, let you have multiple suites all connected, etc when you sign a longer lease. That’s fantastic and 100% understandable for the owner to want a longer commitment to do something like that. If you are new to renting a suite I strongly recommend only signing a one year lease. I have had many people message me saying they wanted out of their lease for various reasons (most of them had found other locations or arrangements that were better for their business or needed to expand and they had signed 2-3 year leases. Never sign a lease agreement without knowing EXACTLY what happens if you need to terminate your agreement. If you need to pay slightly more per week to only sign a one year lease think of it as an insurance policy.

Some owners will be very accommodating if you need to get out of your lease but unless you have that in writing, in the terms of your contract, YOU CAN NOT TRUST IT.

Don’t be afraid of state board. EVER. I had, minus one time, only really good experiences with state board but I have heard many nightmare stories so just remember this:

DO NOT HESITATE to call the state board and get a perfectly clear list of what they can fine you for - ask them exactly where it is on the website if you can’t immediately find it or feel free to ask them any and all questions you have so that dealing with them is a non issue for you. How they do inspections, when they can show up, what they can and can’t touch, what they are allowed to ask, and also ask the owner of your suite if they will be given access to your suite if you’re not there. This is another amazing reason to have a security camera that has a birds eye view of your whole suite.

Having all of that information puts YOU in control. There doesn’t have to be any fear surrounding inspections as long as you know what you need to have and what they can fine you for.

Remember that those fines generate revenue for the state so a lot of states have really stupid stipulations that allow inspectors to easily fine you for something small that has zero affect on anyone’s safety that you might not even realize is an infraction.

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