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Just Start Guide for Mompreneurs

Updated: Oct 25

Want to create your dream business? A true lifestyle business that you can run from home and around your life, not the other way around?

The Just Start Guide - What's My Things? is the first in a series of guides and workbooks to help you do just that....JUST FREAKING START.

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If having a home based business has always been a dream, or even a daydream my guide will help you figure out what your "thing" might be.

Even if you're just now deciding that you want to pivot and do life a different way, it's so possible. Sometimes the idea of where to even start can seem overwhelming or even out of reach. Mamma, it's not.

I've been there and done that, and I'm spilling all the tea.

I've created both brick and mortar and online businesses and I've learned so much along the way that I decided sharing with other moms who are in the shoes that I was once in has become MY "thing".

I'd love to be able to give you clarity, insight and real talk about some of the details that can help push the pieces of the puzzle in the right direction so you can make your daydream a reality.


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