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Boho Beige Flatlay

Updated: Oct 25

Styling & Preset

This is one of my Boho Beige lighroom presets. Get my free Boho Beige Preset pack HERE.

Boho Beige is timeless and neutral. It will cool warm tones and give a soft and inviting cozy look.

The beige family is known for evoking feelings of calm, soothing relaxation and dependability.

Why Presets?

Presets are a great way to create a mood throughout your content and keep everything cohesive and on brand as well as brihgten up images that are poorly lit. Using presets with intention is a way to draw eyes to your content and keep your audience entertained - hold their attention. You may notice my Instagram feed color mood will shift because creating presets and a feed aesthetic is a creative outlet for me, so changing it up is a relaxing hobby.

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If you download any of my preset packs please feel free to tag me in your posts @independentstylistpodcast so I can see and share them!


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