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How hairstylists & estheticians can cash in on their knowledge with digital education

While I might be cashing in on that click worth title, know that when you create digital education you not only cash in but you are paying it forward to others in our industry in such an amazing way. It's the ultimate win/win/

Lemme just say this.....two things are here to stay and not going anywhere - independent education and online education. I've been shouting this from the hilltops since 2017 and I'll never stop. Instant access to really good education at the touch of a button is revolutioninzing our industry. It's leveling the playing field and I am so beyond here for it.


Until independent educators started popping up, most of the education in our industry was controlled by brands who would pay stylists to teach their technical skills while also promoting the brand. It's a smart business model but brands, in a way, controlled the narrative.


Now, of course I'm all about everything independent, so yes, I'm biased. My podcast is the first and only podcast that's dedicated completely to the independent side of this business and while brands and publications are FINALLY noticing not only our numbers but our spending capacity, the independent stylist adn ethetician as well as the salon suite business model are now, after more than ten years, getting the attention and respect they deserve. I'm not talking recognition, because that doesn't really put money in our pockets. I'm talking about the general awakening that this industry has been disrupted BIG TIME in a way that was LONG overdue. That's for another post, though. Back to how you can make money in a way that doesn't require you to stand behind the chair or sit behind your skin bed, nail desk, lash table, spray tan tent, etc.

Digital education was long overlooked and even looked down upon but no one ever really questioned WHY and I always found that to be super annoying. While in person education will always have it's place and benefits - especially the connections and networking opportunities that can be made, looking at digital education as "less than" is quite frankly really stupid. I said it. I won't take it back .


Digital education is great for several reasons, let me list some for you:

  1. Accessibility. How many people really want to get more education, value it, have a true need for it but to travel to an in person class can be very difficult for people who may not be able to afford the travel costs (airfare, hotel, per diem expenses while out of town). And if you need to up your skills to make more money, you can feel very stuck if access to education is out of reach.

  2. Caregivers - this is still accessibilty but think of all the parents and caregivers that may have a harder time leaving town for days that could access a class when they had time, even if it's 10 p.m when everyone else's needs were taken care of and they could focus on upping their game and building their business without having to leave their home.

  3. My longtime peer and fellow educator Aeleise at Cut it Kinky made a really good point about a digital class - you can see better! Seems simple but think about it. A bird's eye view, no peeking over someone's shoulders, trying to get the best vandage point because you will always have the best seat in the house.

  4. For me, this one is personal but I know many people feel this way - I really like the abilty to have replay access. Even if it's just for a short period of time. Knowing that I can not worry about taking notes and just immerse myself in the eperience the first time and then circle back - especially when you're learning something new that's super visual as well as technical, is comforting to me. People have different learning styles. Some are super visual. Some want to see it drawn out on a headshape. Some need the audio cues to accompany the drawings, some do best with their hands on a model or manny. My longwinded point is this:

With digital education you have the ability to accomodate many different learning styles in one product .

You can add audio, worksheets, the actual video class, a demo on a live model, a demo on a manny, etc. And if you're teaching the business side, well that's just a cakewalk as far as the setup!

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