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How to make Instagram Reels

Reels, when done right, have a higher reach, which means Instagram puts your content in front of more people. People that aren't following you will see your reels.

I say it now and I will continue to say it. Reels are where you need to be to grow your business on Instagram. - Jennifer Kenny


HOOK them. You have about 2 seconds to capture someone's attention with a reel. Vertical Video (reels, tik tok style) is now the norm instead of the exception. It's going to take a little bit more to set yourself apart and stop the scroll BEYOND just showing up.

3 simple hooks you can try to grab attention and hold it for the entire video-

  1. "3 things that ruin hair color/your curls/extensions/your spray tan/yourlash extensions (whatever service you want to use) " - that will grab their attention and they will watch to see all three things. 7-10 seconds.

  2. "If you stop doing THIS, you will have more good hair days" then list one thing they shouldn't do. Don't try to list a bunch of things. If you have tons of ideas for something like this, make multiple reels. Microdose this information. Keep it 7-10 seconds.

  3. "Can you believe a client said this about me??" Have a very shocked look on your face. Then, add a video of a client saying something about how much they love working with you, or show a screenshot of your best review. 7-10 seconds.


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