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Instagram extends time limits on live streams, adds live archive feature.

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

If you go long on Ig live, you're going to LOVE THIS. Also, if you've ever lost the ability to save an live to an igtv, or save it at all due to connetion issues, you're going to super love this!

Instagram is rolling out 2 new features for live streaming. You'll now be able to stay on the platform for four hours instead on one. Facebook already had this capability and now the Insgtagram platform is catching up. This will make it easier for digital creators to hold online events without interruption. You'll also be able to breathe easier knowing that the platform will automatically archive your live vidoe

Instagram's live archive feature is the safety net I've fantasized about as a digital creator.
UPDATE: As of the latest update 12/2020 my Live archive disappeared, and my saved content with it, so, buyer beware of this new feature. What a bummer.Save your live videos to your device if you want to upload them to IGTV later.

Instagram will now archive your live videos for 30 days. You can acccess them the same way you access your story archives and can decide at a later date to publish them - and, you know I checked - you can also upload a cover from your camera roll if you use this option. happy dancing ensued when I discovered this!

I've persoanlly been through the ringer with saving my lives - sometimes the option would totally disappear, sometimes I would only be offered the option to save and or not post directly to igtv. As someone who utilizes this feature to upload live interviews - or wants to then download those live interviews to use them later for my podcast, this was really epic for me.

This roll out is another step in empowering the everyday creator to Just Start, taking a little pressure off and letting them take care of the details of taking live video to the next part of the platform later on. I'm excited and grateful for this update!!

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