Monat as a Professional Stylist - part one

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Monat was new to me in the context of it took a global pandemic for me to open my eyes (and mind) to the concept that it was absolutely a product line worth talking about is more like it. This past April I did a deep dive into Monat for my Independent Stylist Podcast. I was looking for options to help stylists generate income during the shutdown - and a direct sales company, which normally I admittedly would have turned my nose up at (yikes) seemed like an actual and incrediably viable aternative at the time.

Ever the skeptic I purchased the largest product pack the company had, and signed up as a market partner so I could not only try the products, but look at the business side as well. Monat has been somewhat of a controversial topic in the stylist world so I felt like I needed to really dig in to be able to give a credible opinion that would offer value to stylists I was trying to support.

If it was controversial, why would you even look ino it at all?

Several reasons - The first being that I went to their website and looked at the product ingredients and formulations. I was very surprised that they not only rivaled, but seemed better than the higest end "professional products" I had been using as a stylist in my salon and on myself. That was the first kind of "wait a minute..." moment. I had expected to see a lesser quality formulation, cheaper ingredients, and to be honest, the ingredients alone had me incredibly impressed. It was absolutely enough for me to want to know more and dig deeper.

Second reason - I had zero intention of actually partnering with Monat at the time, but knowing that so many people in my industry (and so many people in general) were signifigantly struggling and this could potentially be a way for them to generate income from the safety of their own home was a huge factor.

Even once things opened back up, I knew there would be stylists who did not feel safe or comfortable going back behind the chair, those who are immunocomprimised, had loved ones living them that are, had little ones that they'd be hesitant or simply coudln't to leave in daycare for health reasons, or maybe were just rethinking what they wanted to do with their time and how they made money since they'd had - an albeit forced - moment to step away and reflect about every aspect of how they were living their day to day.

I'd gone through this myself a few years ago after a car accident and then a rough pregnancy. I knew I still had so much to give and do, but I didn't feel the pull to be behind the chair anymore, and I started looking for options that would be a better fit for my current lifestyle and how my family and I were consciously choosing to spend our time. (still kicking myself for not looking into Monat back then, tbh, knowing what I know now.)

After spending several hours researching I realized that I would absolutely need to see this from the inside, not only the products but the business. I decided to try the products exclusively for 30 days and document my results.

After doing the research I had, I realized that to just post on social media or my podcast and present my findings without actually using the product and getting the inside scoop on the business I was opening myself to a fair amount of, arguabley reasonable criticism and decided that the long game, even though it was a departure from offering immediate help during shutdown, could potentially be very helpful wheras, not matter how well intentioned, jumping the gun would probably not help anyone.

It wasn't until I'd been using the products on myself for several weeks and seen great results that the lightbulb went on - my curly clients would love this - it fits into everything I've looked for in a product line. Stay tuned for more!

Until my next post, you can hear more on my podcast episode, "Monat Exposed" which is geared towards professioanl stylists and on my new podcast "The Shampoo Society" which will have valuable information for anyone interested in learning more about Monat or even current market parters who want to level up their business.

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