Quickstart Styling Guide for Frizz Free & Defined Curly Hair

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This is my Quickstart Guide - if you're new to the routine I think it's a great place to start and it's also the routine I start most of my clients out with. You can always tweak it and change it, but this routine and one off's from it are what bring success and sanity to tons of curlies I know. My ultimate philsophy is WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU. I'm just here to let you know what I've seen work.

It's basically fill the (detoxed and buildup free) curls up with moisture and then add something to create a barrier to lock in the moisture - hence "filler" and "sealer", I find using those terms is a good trick to help people remember the end game of what you're trying to achieve. I've seen people come up with all kind of names for how to apply products to curly hair, but no one is reinventing the wheel - hydrate and keep the hydration in, you can call it whatever you want as long as it works for you.

1. Apply leave in conditioner (Filler)

To soaking wet hair, while still in the shower -rake through and scrunch. Scrunch well from the bottom with hands, then again with t-shirt or microfiber towel.

I start with Deva One Condition or Ouidad Moisture Lock

Or Devacurl B'Leave In for fine S'wavy/ Wavy hair

2. Apply Gel (Sealer)

With Ouidad Gel, generously rake in gel in small sections and scrunch again with t-shirt.

With Devacurl or Jessicurl Gel, ONLY scrunch in the gel from the bottom up and then scrunch with t-shirt or paper towel.

Spritz your freshly styled wet set generously with Ouidad Finishing Mist for a stronger hold. (OPTIONAL)

3. Air Dry, Plop, Or Diffuse

Let your curls air dry on their own

Diffuse on high air volume/low to medium heat.

Try not to touch your curls, just cup them in your diffuser for 2-3 minutes per section.

Spritz with finishing mist while diffusing to help reduce frizz and increase hold.


Lay out a t-shirt or a nylon hairnet on a flat surface and bend down over it, let curls fall into a scrunched pile at the top of your head, and tie. See here for more pics. Or HERE for video.

4. Soften The Cast

When curls are 100% dry, smooth a few drops of your cast softener, like Ouidad Shine Glaze and gently twist as if you were gathering your curls into a ponytail.. to soften the gel cast.

For Wavy/S'wavy, or just an alternative option with a little more hold -

rub a pea size amount of Devacurl Beautiful Mess pomade or AG Dry Lift into your palms and scrunch through from ends to soften the crunchy gel cast.

Great Trial Kits for Wavy/S'wavy I was genuinely impressed the AG Apple Cider Vinegar Line.

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