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Social Media Ideas for Hairstylists - turn one topic into a TON of content

Show Notes from IG Live 11/16/2021

Ways to repurpose and get a WHOLE HECKING BUNCH of content from one topic.

If you struggle with what type of content to post as a hairstylist who has a b2c client facing account (meaning business to consumer, vs mine which is business to business B2b) it can sometimes be hard to come up with content that will serve your clients and potential clients beyond before and after shots.

I want to show you how you can take one idea or topic and turn it into a whole boatload of content - and it's actually pretty easy.

You can even hit Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram posts, IGTV, Instagram Live, Reels, stories, with just one topic. And even add it as a blog post like I'm doing now, then you can push that baby out to Pinterest to draw traffic back to your website or social media.

I created this from the perspective of a Curly hair specialist, but you can use the format for literally anything.

Ways to keep your hair healthy in cold weather

-Humidifier at night

-Moisture mask weekly

-Switch up products

Humidifier at night


  1. Multiple shots

  2. Say the words out of your mouth

  3. Lip sync/point at words

2 live videos

  1. Unboxing and setting up humidifier and talking about it as a live video

  2. just talk about how when the air has less moisture in it how it can affect your hair

2 IGTV's Save those lives = (also post them to YouTube)

3 Carousel Posts

3 benefits of using a humidifier

What happens to the air when the temperature drops

Why you need to clean/descale your humidifier

Live Video/longer form videos (if you want) (or pre-record)

-Setting up humidifier, where to place in room, what kind you bought and recommend,

-Clean/descale humidifier

-What type of water to use in humidifier

Edit each of those down and pull clips from them to make reels with.

Reel one - intro to humidifier

Opening/cover shot - waking up and feeling hair saying it’s dry

Shot one - fill up humidifier

Shot two - prep hair for sleep (however you suggest to your client to sleep (loose braids, pineapple, etc)

Shot 3 place humidifier next to your bed

Shot 4 sleeping with humidifier on

“See caption for why this helps and another tip”

Reel 2

Problem Solution Transition

Dry hair/holding humidifier

Reel 3

3 our of 4 clients agree that the humidifier is helpful

Cover Shot- you 3 out of 4 of my clients agree that the humidifier is helpful.

When you are taking your after shots of clients, get these shots as well.

Use a dry erase board have them hold it up before you start filming

“Humidifier reel yesl” “Humidifier reel no”

So when you go back to edit later it will be easier to go through your photos and organize your shots

Shot 1 Client smiling/giving thumbs up

Shot 2 Client nodding head, holding humidifier

Shot 3 Client Double thumbs up nodding head

Shot 4 Client giving thumbs down shaking head no

Shot 4 can be comical and then

Shot 5 Client 4 doesn’t like anything

Shot 5 See why client 4 didn’t like it in the caption

Explain in caption why you like this option and who, if anyone it might not be for.

Explain that sometimes the best way to know if something works for you is to try it. This won’t damage your hair if you don’t like it so it’s worth trying if your hair feels dry.

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