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The Instagram Vacation for Independent Stylists

The Instagram Vaction that Still Markets Your Business For You

Taking an Instagram break for Salon Suite Owners

If you are planning on taking a social media break, try this. Go to your Instagram Insights, You can find that button right below your bio.

Scroll down to "CONTENT YOU SHARED"

Tap on posts and adjust the settings at the top right to the past year.

It will show you your posts with the highest reach for the past year.

You can do this for a number of metrics like Likes, Comments, Shares, Profile Visits & Website Taps. Pick a few top performing posts from each of those categories. Save them as you would any other content.

Do the same thing with your reels. You'll have a full week of your best performing content and you won't have to do a thing other than hop on and post it.

You can use a free app like Repost+ For Instagram and it will even copy your captions for you so you can paste them right into a new post. I use the paid version because it doesn't have ads and I can easily repost my reels. But I had the free version for months and that works well, too. I'm linking it here so you can see which one I'm talking about (there are a TON and I personally like this one best.) this isn't an ad or affiliate link, it's just what I use personally after trying at least 5 different apps.

That's it. You don't have to scroll, engage, answer dm's etc.

*When you paste your caption (The app automatically copies for you) it will add a little blurb that says "@repost by [your username]....." just go in and delete that.

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