your hair history


I can’t stress enough not to hold anything back - this is a no judgement zone

the more i know, the more i can help! 



known allergies/reactions to hair products?

(did you notice “x” product gave you an itchy scalp, hives, etc.)

do you know specific ingredients you’re allergic to?

any diy natural treatments that have caused a reaction?


last 5 years -  

have you had color - yes/no

box color or salon color?  

is the color used to cover gray?

how often to you color it?

have you had highlights?

have you had a color correction or had color “stripped” to take out darker color?

have you had a keratin treatment? express or otherwise

how often do you blow dry your hair?

how often do you flat iron your hair?


current products used - gather them before our class so I can see them.-





do you often wear your hair in a ponytail or bun?

if so, why? (do you have to for work, do you prefer it up for connivence, etc) 


how do you secure it in ponytail or bun? elastic, scrunchie, other


how many days to you feel like your curls last after you style them


what do you love about your hair?


what frustrates you about your hair?

do certain sections give you more trouble than others?


had a bad haircut or 50?  


what was bad about cut


 stylist didn't listen

cut too short

not enough off

christmas tree/lampshade didn’t go away


cut was ok but i had t go home and wash out the products and restyle 

cut was terrible AND i had to go home and wash out the products and restyle



on average how much time to you have to be able to style your hair everyday?

(no judgement, i spend ZERO minutes on a LOT of days) :D 


knowing how much time you can and will spend on your hair will help me give you 

instructions that will work, and also manage your expectation about the results you’ll get.

I can make my hair look ON FREAKING POINT if i want to spend an hour, for example. 

Now, ask me how often I actually do that! #rarely

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